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Auto Enrolment Explained

Workplace Pensions / Automatic Enrolment is here. Before long, it will affect almost every company in the UK. Enrol My Staff ensures the Small and Micro Business meet all of their workplace pension requirements.

Simple          Clear          Compliant          Affordable

Our complete service will take you from your first steps into AE through to a fully compliant solution and includes:

  • help to understand the requirements of the Pensions Regulator
  • project manage the whole Automatic Enrolment (AE) process
  • manage communications with employees
  • ensure legislative compliance at all times

We also support the work of Financial Advisers, Accountants, HR Consultants, Bookkeepers, Payroll Bureaux, and other business advisers

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Latest News and Information

  • 15.03.2016

    Enrol My Staff Gives Backing To CDX16

    Enrol My Staff is pleased to announce its support for the UK’s biggest motor trade event of its kind – CDX16.

    The annual conference and expo – held at Silverstone on May 24th – is a must for anyone associated with the industry with Facebook, Twitter and Google, and Jim Holder, Editorial Director at Haymarket Automotive, already committed to making keynote speeches on the day.

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  • 23.02.2016

    Workplace pensions - can’t comply, won’t comply

    (what happens if you receive a fixed penalty notice?) The Pensions Regulator has a number of enforcement tactics up its sleeve if you don’t comply with your employer duties regarding auto-enrolment.

    Ignorance is not an excuse, and just like self-assessment, you will have to comply in the end.  Don’t leave it until the notices and penalties start arriving.

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  • 17.02.2016

    Hang on – it’s the auto-enrolment stampede

    You may remember cowboy films in the past where the rider’s horse is slapped on the behind and it gallops off at break neck speed with its rider hanging on for dear life, being flung behind the horse whilst the horse itself negotiates a myriad of obstacles. It normally ends on one of two scenarios a) the rider falling off b) the dishevelled rider straightening his hat and sitting upright in the saddle having overcome adversity. This could be likened to a Managing Director about to embark on the auto-enrolment process for is staff.

    Bear with us on this one…

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  • 09.02.2016

    Panic-free pension planning!

    Are you looking for someone to steer you through the auto-enrolment process? Maybe you are panicking because you need to set the ball rolling but have no idea where to start or if you can afford the time.

    Point 1: Don’t Worry.

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  • 03.02.2016

    How do you provide an auto-enrolment service for your clients?

    Calling all business advisers, independent financial advisers, accountants and HR consultants.

    Do you have clients who have yet to auto-enrol for a workplace pension? If the answer is yes and you are looking for help, then we can white label our entire auto-enrolment product for your company.

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