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Business Advisers

Adding value for your clients

Pensions companies are not the only organisations seeking to provide Workplace Pension solutions for SME's. The new legislation brings a host of opportunities for trusted business advisers to enhance their services to clients.

Enrol My Staff is already working with business advisers to add value to their client proposition by adding a session on Auto Enrolment to their coaching programmes, and ensure that their clients don’t fall foul of the complex regulations.

But we can go much further.

The Enrol My Staff process provides a highly marketable, value added service for Accountants, Independent Financial Advisers, HR Consultants, Business Coaches and Solicitors.

Enrol My Staff can white label its entire product offering so that the adviser can provide a seamless service to clients, provide additional valuable services in a cost effective manner for both the client and the adviser and create a fresh income stream.

Advisers can therefore outsource both payroll and its assessment to Enrol My Staff, providing a convenient and compliant service to their clients.

Our vision of an integrated payroll and Auto Enrolment process will ensure employers avoid the pitfalls of separate software systems, one for payroll, and another to assess their Auto Enrolment data. An integrated system requires one input, online, with no requirement for time consuming telephone calls and emails to amend or correct errors. The system will identify incompatible data, allowing rapid amendment and accurate reports to be created in a timely manner. Meanwhile, the employer is getting on with running the business without the distraction of the complex legislation that is Workplace Pensions / Automatic Enrolment.