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Specialists in Automatic Enrolment


Enrol My Staff will:

  • Confirm your Staging Date and any options available to you due to changing circumstances since 2012.
  • Assess staff data to identify possible errors or omissions (Data Cleansing)
  • Assess your payroll and categorise all employees according to legislative requirements
  • Advise on costs of contributions for employer and employees and analyse three alternative definitions of pay in addition to the Qualifying Earnings to determine the most appropriate for your business. 
  • Consider the benefits and risks of postponement for your business and advise accordingly.
  • Review your current payroll capability in respect of Automatic Enrolment and advise on alternative or additional software available to assist assessment, calculations, communications, administration and record keeping. Read more about the Pension Scheme Review.
  • For employers with existing pension arrangements, we will review the suitability for Automatic Enrolment including reading the scheme rules and advising on any amendments necessary to make the scheme compliant. We will liaise with the current provider to determine whether they will accept the Automatic Enrolment of current employees not in the pension scheme. Where necessary we will advise the employer of the possibility of a more appropriate scheme and liaise with their usual pension adviser or provide access to an Independent Financial Adviser specialising in group pensions business and authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Where the current scheme is suitable for Automatic Enrolment we will assist the employer to self-certify the scheme. In many cases it will be necessary to certify an existing scheme and establish a new scheme to ensure the interests of all employees are protected
  • As the staging date approaches we will test the payroll data and advise the employer of the initial distribution of employees across the range of Eligible Jobholder, Non-eligible Jobholder, Entitled Worker and anyone who is exempt from the requirement to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme, how to manage contributions and pay these to the selected pension provider.
  • Provide bespoke communications for employees ensuring The Pensions Regulator’s prescribed content is issued to each relevant category of employee at outset and as and when an individual’s status changes by age or income. This will include details of the employer’s decision on postponement and how this is to be managed at staging and for new employees after Automatic Enrolment has been implemented.
  • Prepare email contact list and identify any employee with neither a workplace nor personal email address. Arrange for information to be issued by post to those without an email address.
  • Provide the employer with material for staff presentations to assist employees with their understanding of the reasons behind Automatic Enrolment, why the government have considered how to implement Pension Reform and what it means to different categories of employee. This will enable each individual to consider whether taking independent financial advice is likely to be of benefit or not
  • After the Staging Date, EMS will register the company’s Automatic Enrolment scheme(s) with The Pensions Regulator.