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Are the businesses you advise prepared for auto-enrolment?

A survey carried out by Thomas Westcott Chartered Accountants reveals that almost half of small businesses are unprepared for new workplace pension rules, according to a survey of key professional advisers to the region's SME (small to medium sized enterprise) sector.

Are businesses prepared for auto-enrolment?
When asked "are the businesses you advise prepared for auto-enrolment?" 44 per cent said they did not believe their SME clients were ready for the changes which will be introduced over the next two years in a series of staging dates.

The survey was conducted with key professional advisers who deal with many SME clients every day.

Auto-enrolment is not going away
Every employer in the UK has a responsibility to implement a workplace pension scheme.

If you think it will be difficult and time consuming, then think again. Seek the services of a professional company to implement workplace pensions for your business or your client’s business. Contact us to find out how we can take away the worry of auto-enrolment.

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