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Auto Enrolment provides great door opener for solicitors

The launch of Auto Enrolment for company pensions has provided solicitors with many more income-generating opportunities according to research by Auto Enrolment specialist, Enrol My Staff.

Very few employers understand that the new legislation may require companies to make significant changes to their contracts of employment and will need to turn to their solicitors to deal with the alterations.

Likewise, those who acknowledge the need to review their legal documents, and procedures, will also see the need to get the right advice not only to ensure they sign up to the correct pension scheme for their staff, but also to help them get through the process compliantly and painlessly.

Enrol My Staff has been working with a number of solicitors and their clients, through individual consultation and by providing joint seminars to ensure that employers are in no doubt about their obligations and how to meet them.

The company is offering assistance to any solicitors who may wish to explore the opportunities offered by Auto Enrolment. Contact Enrol My Staff on info@enrolmystaff.co.uk or call us on 01329 248 401 for more information. 

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