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Hang on – it’s the auto-enrolment stampede

You may remember cowboy films in the past where the rider’s horse is slapped on the behind and it gallops off at break neck speed with its rider hanging on for dear life, being flung behind the horse whilst the horse itself negotiates a myriad of obstacles. It normally ends on one of two scenarios a) the rider falling off b) the dishevelled rider straightening his hat and sitting upright in the saddle having overcome adversity. This could be likened to a Managing Director about to embark on the auto-enrolment process for is staff.

Bear with us on this one…

Staging date in the distance and auto-enrolment stampede has begun

The staging date is in the distance and the auto-enrolment stampede has begun, but you have been left behind. You find yourself caught up with the stampede because you know you have to meet a staging date. You grab onto the nearest ‘do it yourself’ process and due to time pressures are flung around from one ‘must do’ task to another. You only stop when you find yourself late at night in a flurry of dust and documents trying to work out if Sally Smith’s details are the same as S Smith. There must be an easier way.

The good news - there is an easier way to auto-enrolment

Give us a call. We have slowed down auto-enrolment stampedes before. We have reigned companies in if they are running around aimlessly. We can guide you through the entire automatic enrolment process. No need to close your eyes, grip on tightly or fall off. We will be with you every step of the way.

Ride on through

Within six months, we will have found out the staging date for your company, completed the planning tasks for auto-enrolment, implemented the new scheme and sent out communications to all of your employees.

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