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Specialists in Automatic Enrolment

How can you help your clients with auto-enrolment?

Thousands of companies in the UK have still not enrolled in a workplace pension scheme. We look to you, bookkeepers and accountants, to help them!

Bookkeepers and accountants are trusted people. Every month you have contact with SMEs. You are privy to their most confidential and sensitive financial information. You know their accounts, their income, their outgoings, their salary.

You probably know if they have sorted out their workplace pension. If they haven’t, then do you know how to help them? This is where we come in. We work in partnership with bookkeepers and accountants to provide that extra service for their clients. We are experts in Workplace Pensions / Auto-Enrolment.

Contact us to find out how we can work together to help your clients. Call us on 01329 559 130,  email us on info@enrolmystaff.co.uk or visit the About Enrol My Staff page.

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