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To-do list for Workplace Pensions - Let's get ticking!

You should have heard about automatic enrolment. It’s on the radio, the TV - “we’re all in”, via letters in the post, in newspapers and on social media.

So in practical terms what do you have to do?

Find out your staging date - If you don't know your staging date, you can find it by using your PAYE reference.

Contact Enrol My Staff - Call 01329 559 130 or email info@enrolmystaff.co.uk. We can help to make the auto-enrolment process straightforward, as follows:

1.     Provide a point of contact – the senior manager responsible for overseeing and co-ordinating the auto-enrolment process.

2.     Check which employees need to be enrolled – permanent, part-time, sub-contracted?

3.     Create an action plan – set out tasks and the dates for completion.

4.     Work out your costs - You’ll need to pay a regular minimum contribution into your staff pension scheme.

5.     Check your records and payroll process.

6.     Choose a pension scheme or use an existing one.*

7.     Assess and enrol your staff – ensure that all paperwork is in place for each member of staff to auto-enrol in a pension.

8.     Write to your staff  and  keep them fully informed

9.     Ongoing enrolment duties - you must keep records to show compliance.

10.   Complete your declaration of compliance (registration)

* some existing pensions may not be suitable for all staff members.

How far down the list are you?
You have two main choices when it comes to sorting out your auto-enrolments a) either go it alone and work your way through the process by yourself. This is less costly but very time consuming and stressful or b) contact Enrol My Staff, the experts at setting up workplace pensions.

Let us help you with your workplace pension. Call a member of the Enrol My Staff team on 01329 559 130.

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