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Workplace pensions - can’t comply, won’t comply

(what happens if you receive a fixed penalty notice?)

The Pensions Regulator has a number of enforcement tactics up its sleeve if you don’t comply with your employer duties regarding auto-enrolment.

Ignorance is not an excuse, and just like self-assessment, you will have to comply in the end.  Don’t leave it until the notices and penalties start arriving.

Companies are working towards their auto-enrolment staging date

Over the next two years, small businesses with employees, throughout the UK, will be working towards their auto-enrolment staging dates. Your company will be no different, unless you have registered in a workplace pension scheme already (in which case you are ahead of the game).

Salient points to bear in mind

·        You, the employer, are responsible for complying by enrolling staff into a workplace pension.

·        You should know your company’s staging date for auto-enrolment.

·        You should have already started the auto-enrolment process.

If you have missed your staging date, then it sets the Pensions Regulator enforcement ball rolling. This can start informally and eventually lead to FINES.

Enforcement for non-compliance of auto-enrolment:

·        Informal action

o   The Pensions Regulator will communicate with the employer direct via phone or email or send a warning letter to the company.

·        Statutory notice

o   This will advise you how to comply with your duties and will give you the opportunity to pay any late or missed contributions.

·        Penalty notices

o   These are sent to those who deliberately refuse to comply.

Why leave it so late?

Auto-enrolment for your staff is something that you have to do anyway, so why not find a company to help you through the process. Implement the workplace pensions for your employees and then you have one less thing to worry about.

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