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Specialists in Automatic Enrolment

Our Partners


Charles Design

Charles Design Associates

Charles Design Associates have been creating innovative design solutions for companies over the past 25 years and Enrol My Staff realised that we needed to create quality in our brand.

Charles Design helped us do this firstly through understanding your target audience and then tailoring our brand to capture them.

Brand Designer http://www.charles-design.co.uk/

Solweb Limited

Solweb Limited

UK based Solweb Limited were selected by Enrol My Staff as having an established background of a diverse range of known competencies and capability to create our web presence together with developing and producing bespoke software.

Web Designerwww.solweb.co.uk

Independant Consultants

We engage, when appropriate, independant consultants

Independent consultants with demonstrable experience are engaged to assist where in-house knowledge requires support.

Having worked with several specialists over the last year Enrol My Staff have benefited positively. The areas include: Marketing, Social Media, IT, Communications, Software, these will be added as each relationship consolidates.