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Pension Scheme Review

Do you have a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme

Every employer must review any existing pensions schemes to ensure they comply with the regulations.  The government say you must be offering a “Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme” or QWPS.

A QWPS is a pension scheme that meets the Government's quality standards - in particular, the minimum payment levels. And if it's going to accept new members, it must:

  • allow joining by Automatic Enrolment
  • have an appropriate default fund

Eligible employees must be automatically included in a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme (QWPS) without having to make any choices. This means any QWPS that is open to new members must designate a fund for those employees who do not wish to choose their own. This fund should:

  • take an investment approach and level of risk consistent with the broad needs of those likely to invest in it
  • have an appropriate investment fund into which contributions are paid

Enrol My Staff will investigate whether your existing scheme fits these criteria, or work with you to find a new Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme.

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